Imaging & Diagnostic


We have one of the top renal laboratories that perform biochemical, hematological, and microbiological testing under one roof. We use completely imported fully automated equipments to accurately compute the biochemical reports. Our medical instruments and diagnostic tools meet worldwide standards and offer specialized examinations at reasonable prices.

Digital X-ray

We provide advanced diagnostic X-ray services for our patients. Computerized x-ray equipment that enables rapid results for precise diagnosis is built within the X-ray lab. For the care of patients, our nurse practitioners and technicians have received training in x-ray processes. The findings of each test and procedure are precise, and they are all well organized; thus, the team’s cohesiveness is what produces outstanding results.


Ultrasound services at Vedanayagam Hospital provide a seamless patient care experience. We keep patients happy by providing better services and a quicker response time. We offer comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective ultrasound services. 


It is a computer-based analysis of the evaluation of patients who have got urinary incontinence, urinary obstruction, and bladder dysfunction in both adults and children. Vedanayagam hospital also treats children with urological conditions such as urinary difficulty. In addition, we treat patients with paraplegia, spinal deformity, and spinal cord damage who are suffering from urinary difficulty and other genitourinary problems. Bladder outlet obstruction