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Your Kidney and Genitourinary
Health Care

Best Quality Kidney Stone Treatments and
Other Genitourinary Procedures

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We are the Pioneers in
South India

Giving World Class Urology Care - Ethically,
Economically, Building Everlasting Patient
- Doctor Relationship

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Excellence in service
since 1981

41 years of continued Excellence

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Vedanayagam Hospital

Who are we?

We always provide you with the greatest urological & nephrological care, and this has always been our main goal. The tireless efforts of Vedanayagam Hospital over the past 41 years have raised the standard of health care, which is headed by Dr. S.V Kandasami. Our Chairman, Dr. S.V. Kandasami, is the creator of the ground-breaking extensive kidney transplantation and other urological procedures with increased success rates and reduced post-operative problems. We provide top-notch care in all circumstances, including medical emergencies, and thanks to our specialized medical professionals, who give us a debt of appreciation for achieving the patients to experience the best-personalized care with cutting-edge machinery.

Kidney Stone Treatment
Genito- Urinary Procedures
Reconstructive Surgery

Why Choose
Vedanayagam Hospital?

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We Are the Pioneers Because


One of the lowest post-surgery failure rates in the country.


News for you, stuff that matters

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A Woman’s Woes: Navigating UTIs and Cystitis

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Dialysis: Empowering Lives and Enhancing Kidney Health

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Urinary Tract Infections in Boys

Urinary Tract Infections in Boys

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