Dr. S.V. Kandasami

- Founder and Chairman

When I left the US in 1974, I came back to India with the intention of providing world-class healthcare. Simply said, at that time, there was a technical skill gap to the size of an ocean between what was available locally to the global standard.

The principles of surgical intelligence, unshakeable ethics, and compassion are the foundation upon which we built this institution. Over the last 40 years, we have loved assisting countless individuals and have been pleased by their smiles when we have addressed their concerns. When looking at their smiles, what is so special about us, I wondered as well. “Unity, Focus, and Advanced Treatments,” I would say. It is noteworthy to observe that although “Focus” gives trust, excellent care, and assistance; “Unity” is the unifying and integrating force of us. It serves as the motivation for all we do at Vedanayagam Hospital, from caring for patients to performing successful procedures. We strive hard to fulfill all the needs of the patients. In order to meet the trust of the patients, we procure high-quality treatment from specialized doctors.

Vedanayagam hospital maintains healthy and cordial relations with our patients and presents them with an outstanding hospital environment. Coupled with quality care and great staff, our staff health and well-being are equally important to us. We encourage all our staff to actively participate in spreading a safe working environment across the hospital. 

Additionally, we have developed a strong reputation for super-specialty education, producing dozens of urologists who will effectively treat hundreds and thousands of patients in their field. Our mission goes forward with the help of pretty great and committed staff, persistently remaining loyal to the norms that have motivated us from the beginning. People are the greatest asset we have acquired over a number of years. We pride ourselves on working with people to achieve world-class treatment and increased success rates.

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