Dr. Kaheelel Ur Rahman



Dr. Kaheelel Ur Rahman is an Anesthetist with more than 42 years of clinical experience. He graduated MBBS from Coimbatore Medical College and obtained a specialization in Anesthesia from Madras Medical College. He is well expertised in Anesthesiology and monitors vital bodily processes, including respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, and fluid balance, and manages the patient before surgical procedures. The doctor works to create the best environment for a safe and effective operation and manages the patient’s pain and level of consciousness.

Overall Experience

He is certified for this work experience as an anesthetist at Vedanayagam hospital for more than 42 years. He is skilled in the treatment of handling complicated situations, including the heart, cancer, urology, and general surgery. The doctor has also participated in several surgeries to anesthetize young children.