Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan is a urologist who is clinically expertised in reconstructive urology and renal transplantation. The doctor completed his Master’s Degree in General Surgery from Safdarjung hospital, Delhi University, and Mch Urology from Christian Medical College, Vellore. He also completed his postgraduate studies in the Fellow Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS) and the Fellow Royal College of Physicians (FRCS). He graduated as the best outgoing doctor from Christian Medical College, Vellore. His key specialization procedures are reconstructive urology, gender reassignment surgery, renal transplantation, and endourological procedures. The doctor is actively involved in multiple research efforts to understand the landscape of all urological diseases and to identify promising new treatments.

Awards & Achievements

Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan is certified for the honor in the field of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, Pathology, and Social and Preventive Medicine. He was awarded the Somervell gold medal in Clinical Surgery, the Thomas Dina award in Physiology, and the Lakshmana Swami Mudliar gold medal in obstetrics and gynecology for the 1st rank in the final MBBS from the University of Madras in 1970. He has also been awarded Mrs. Mariaviakulum David Memorial gold medal for the Best Out Going Student of the batch by the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India, in 1970. Also, he has received Dr. B.C. Roy’s award from the President of India for best teacher in 2006 on recommendation by the Medical Council of India. Recently, he was honored with the Siu Distinguished Career award in 2019.

Overall Experience

He graduated as the “Best Outgoing Doctor” from Christian Medical College, Vellore, and obtained a Master’s degree in General Surgery from Safdarjung hospital, Delhi University, and Mch Urology From Christian Medical College, Vellore. The doctor had spent 34 years working in the urology department at CMC, Vellore, where he had held his position as a head professor. Subsequently, he joined Vedanayagam Hospital, and at present, he heads the subspeciality of Reconstructive Urology and Renal Transplantation.

He has been a teaching faculty for Mch and Dnb Urology residents, a national examiner for Mch and Dnb candidates, a life member of the Urological Society of India, a full overseas member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, a member of the Transplantation Society to Institute Guidelines for Organ Donation, National Faculty for Urethroplasty Workshops, and lecturer and professor at Christian Medical College, Vellore for the past 43 years. In addition, he has been an honorary member of the American Urology Association, a member of the Malaysian Urological Association, and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh.